Gristow - Chrzaszczewo

I reached Gristow in the morning of my second day in Poland.  I was pretty excited, since thanks to Gunther Harder's books I knew more about this village (and Bünnewitz) than any of the others.  I wasn't disappointed, either.  Although all the half-timbered houses of the 19th century are gone, almost everything pre-war is still standing.    

Gristow map  

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1Gristow 1
 Entering Gristow from the east.
2Gristow 2
3Gristow 3
4Gristow 4
5Gristow 5  
Where the firehouse once stood is now a small bus station, on the right.
6Gristow 6
7Gristow 7
Formerly the farm of Wilhelm BENTER 
8Gristow 8
9Gristow 9
10Gristow 10
11Gristow 11  
The former Gristow Schulhaus.  The Polish 'monument' badge has been removed and it's now abandoned.

12Gristow 12
13Gristow 13
14Gristow 14
15Gristow 15
16Gristow 16
17Gristow 17
18Gristow 18
19Gristow 19  
The barn on the left is labeled "H. Sarnow 1912".  Hermann Sarnow was still living there in 1945.

20Gristow 20  

Looking south from the north edge of Gristow.

21Gristow 21
 An old farm standing by itself along the road north from Gristow.  Gunther Harder's maps show it belonging to a Fritz Rackow in 1945.
22Gristow 22
The group of farms that was known as Kahnschen, to the NNE of Gristow.  I couldn't find a road to it that wasn't a complete morass.

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