Grabow - Grabowo

   Grabow was just marvelous, the best preserved of all the villages I visited.  Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about its history.   

Grabow map
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1Grabow 01
First view of Grabow from the east

2Grabow 02
Looking west from the east edge of the village.
3Grabow 03
4Grabow 04
5Grabow 05
This barn once had an arch in the center, which was removed to let trucks through.
6Grabow 06
7Grabow 07
8Grabow 08
9Grabow 09
A small sawmill and lumberyard
10Grabow 10
11Grabow 11
12Grabow 12
13Grabow 13
14Grabow 14
15Grabow 15
16Grabow 16
17Grabow 17
18Grabow 18
19Grabow 19
20Grabow 20
21Grabow 21
22Grabow 22
23Grabow 23
24Grabow 24
25Grabow 25
26Grabow 26
Road down to the river
27Grabow 27
Looking east from the west side of town

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