Fritzow - Wrzosowo

Fritzow was the origin of my TRETTIN ancestors in the mid-1700's, and it was a bit of a disappointment.  North and east of the town factories and large apartment blocks have been built, the access to the shore is blocked, and the village sits right on a major highway.  That all means that little of the old Fritzow is left.  Here's what I was able to find:  

Fritzow map

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1Fritzow 01
Looking south from the north end of town
2Fritzow 02

3Fritzow 03  

This road once led to the shore, but it's now fenced off at the west end.
4Fritzow 04
5Fritzow 05

6Fritzow 06  

A small duck pond in the center of town. I was standing next to the tiny firehouse, built in 1925, but my picture of that did not come out.
7Fritzow 07
8Fritzow 08

9Fritzow 09  

A Polish war memorial made of carved concrete.  This is where the old German church stood.

10Fritzow 10  

The new Roman Catholic church.  It's down the road to the east of where the old German church stood.  I couldn't find the location of the old cemetery (or the new one, either).

11Fritzow 11  

The road east from  Fritzow to Stresow
12Fritzow 12
13Fritzow 13

14Fritzow 14  

Looking south from Fritzow toward Kamien Pomorski


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